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How to choose PCB production and PCBA electronic products processing manufacturers?

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With the rapid penetration of the Internet into traditional manufacturing, it has become extremely easy to complete international procurement online. However, the increased availability of alternative supplier information makes purchasing more time-consuming and even more difficult. Purchasing managers often complain that it takes a lot of effort and cost to select suppliers that do not meet expectations. Then, how to choose your own electronic manufacturing service provider (PCB production and PCBA electronic product processing factory)?

Before answering this question, we must understand a basic concept of cooperation. Any long-term and pleasant business cooperation is based on equivalence, that is, being equal to each other, including enterprise size, manufacturing capacity, service level, development stage and enterprise philosophy. Therefore, the suppliers selected by purchasing managers through the first impression of price are often unable to match them, because there are big loopholes in the dimensions we measure. Here are a few assessment methods for selecting an electronic manufacturing service provider.

I. network brand

A large amount of information about the enterprise can be captured through the supplier's website and social media. You it's hard to imagine a doesn't even have a website, weibo, micro letter, baidu search results, also does not have the information about suppliers to make circuit board and SMT processing services, also hard to imagine a circuit board manufacturer site framework, ugly (to use the template, there is no design sense), not updated PCBA and electronic products processing factory for a long time to also can have a professional work attitude to serve customers. Here are a few test items:

1. Website design aesthetics

2. Whether the website is regularly updated

3. Whether there is enterprise brand introduction on weibo, WeChat, baidu search results and other sites

4. Is there any enterprise information on video websites such as youku and tencent video

Manufacturing capacity

Through the website of PCB manufacturing manufacturer, we can learn about the manufacturing capacity of PCB production, PCBA processing and electronic assembly. Without this, it can only indicate that PCBA electronic product processing manufacturer has not thought about the issues that customers care about from the perspective of customers. Read through the main navigation pages of your site and find out if there is a lot of repeated, contradictory content, which is the basis for evaluating whether its manufacturing capability is real

Quotation for reference

Never kill a potential PCB manufacturing and PCBA electronics manufacturer just for the price, then the initial offer is 50% higher. As the PCB and PCBA suppliers make quotation under extremely limited conditions, it is not 100% clear about our own product market positioning, detailed process requirements and test scheme. On the contrary, those suppliers with high prices are likely to have detailed consideration in this regard, while the suppliers with the lowest prices only seem to be trying to win customers with prices, as for the quality and process, it is not the scope of their consideration for the time being. Generally, the initial quotation is based on the small batch of products, and it is quite normal to have a large price difference.

Iv. Quality control procedures

Professional electronic manufacturing service providers should have professional columns on the website to elaborate their quality control plans, including from the dimensions of process manufacturing and internal management, which is an important factor for us to evaluate PCBA electronic product processing suppliers.

V. certification ability

Whether the electronic manufacturing service provider has professional UL, CE, RoHS, TS16949, ISO9001 and other series certification will determine the quality reliability of the circuit board manufacturing and assembly.

Vi. Professionalism of sales staff

As long as a phone call, you can clearly distinguish the professionalism of the sales staff, such as fluency of speech, proficiency of business knowledge, and extremely professional performance, which is also an important reference to evaluate whether the PCB production and PCBA processing manufacturers have a professional sales team.